About JP Tip Audit

JP Tip Audit Limited.

Formerly wealthy estate Audit Office was established in 2550 before switching to a legal entity under the name “JP Tip Audit Limited” in 2556.

Experienced team of audited financial statements in the stock market. Have a plan to develop the process and results. To ensure consistent quality of the work ethic. And standards for efficient work. Under international standards, The aim is to gain credibility in the international arena. Since founding the company, we have a customer service number is increasing every year. This is a result of word of mouth of the user and the service earlier today.

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Our service

Services for related companies to prepare for market share.

  • Consultants to prepare the company for listing on the stock exchange.
  • Pre-Audit prior auditor of the company for inspection.
  • Accounting system and internal control systems.
  • A manual system Manual work
  • Manage internal controls To prepare for listing on the stock exchange.
  • Management accounting system and accounting principles, in accordance with the requirements of the Exchange.
  • Assist in the preparation and consultation, preparation of detailed financial statements, the auditor has to make a quick check. Timely and reduce the issues from the audit.
  • Company Structure To prepare the stock market or to support the needs of executives. Or for other purposes including introduction / supply financial advisor (FA) auditors allowed (SEC license).
  • The service coordinator with Financial Advisor (FA), the auditor permission (SEC license), lawyers, appraisers, etc.
  • Financing Recommend investors to supply both loans from individuals and financial institutions.

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